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Hi I'm Sandy!

Creator of The Catering Coach.

I grew my catering business the hard way - aka, loss of profits - but I want to teach you how to cater the right way.

My team and I have combined all of our systems, checklists, forms and tools from over 50 years of catering experience to show you how to increase your profits. We can help you build profitable catering revenue streams and systems that work!

Sandy Korem

"I want to help you reach your catering potential without all the mistakes I made!"

The Catering Coach is an elite training and consulting group exclusive to caterers and restaurateurs.  

With more than 50 years of expertise in the industry, our team knows what it takes to elevate a business and we’re serious about helping you reach your full catering potential.  

From private consultations to staff training, we offer an array of services to help our members be more efficient, successful and profitable!

Our Coaches

Sandy Korem

Catering Expert

Patty Howard

TCC Member Coach

Are You Ready To Stop Being A Catering Rookie?

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